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  • March 8, 2022

Why do you Need an International Law Attorney?

International Law is the set of rules that govern activities between sovereign nations. International laws are usually enforced through arbitration, mediation, or litigation in specialized international courts. For example, if your company was sued by its supplier in any country for non-payment of goods delivered under a contract, you would use the services of an international law attorney to represent business transactions in California in front of this court.

An international law attorney will not only be able to understand the particularities of your case but also advise you on what actions are best suited for your situation. Practicing within different jurisdictions often has vast consequences that require understanding the local laws and regulations. For instance, if you are an American citizen, you might be unaware of the civil liability of the United States government but not about the business transactions in Italy.

Why do you need an international law attorney in the USA?

If the legal claims are made against your company by this other country, also to work with your own firm’s attorneys so you can maximize your winnings. An international law attorney will be able to guide you through all the steps of an international lawsuit, who will represent you in court or arbitration, present any defense or counterclaims, manage discovery requests, and review all necessary documents.

An international law attorney can also be very helpful with transactions that have an international element, from buying a foreign company to setting up a joint venture or licensing agreement between your company and a foreign manufacturer, distributor, or outlet.


Although in some cases it may be possible for in-house attorneys to handle the international aspects of a case, there are several reasons why it might be better to hire an outside international law attorney.

Research: In-house attorneys tend to have full schedules that leave little time for research and preparation. This is why they may either recommend you not to take your case or simply refer it out to another attorney. An attorney who is working outside of your company’s structure is more likely to take the time to do the necessary research for any case because he does not have a full workload.

Time constraint: An international law attorney might be called away on any assignment or be given a new assignment in another country with little notice. An international law attorney’s practice may be subject to different time zones and the demands of representing different clients.

Skills and expertise: An in-house lawyer might not have all the necessary skills and expertise for handling transactions and litigation in other countries. A commercial lawyer in California has the experience to understand the particularities of doing business in a different country with a vastly different legal system.

Knowledge of International laws: Although every country follows some basic principles and treaties, each county is unique and operates under its own set of rules and regulations. For this reason, it’s important to have an attorney who understands your company’s needs and requirements, who is not only capable of understanding the legal complexities of your case but also knows how to navigate through all the regulatory hurdles.

Legal Representation: In-house lawyers can be personally liable for their work. This means that, if the case goes wrong due to an error on their part, both the attorney and his firm might suffer significant legal and professional consequences such as fines or imprisonment. An international law attorney is not working directly for your company and cannot be entirely held responsible for anything that might go

Conclusion: Hiring an international law attorney may seem like a costly expenditure at first glance. However, when you factor in the time spent conducting research, working with other companies’ attorneys, and trying to understand the particularities of a different country’s jurisdiction, an international law attorney is worth his weight in gold.





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