Why Us

There are many lawyers and law firms to choose from when a client needs legal and professional representation, but why should a client choose Di Martino Law Group?

Why Us
Three simple answers to this question:

  • our legal representation is based on long-term commitments to our clients;
  • we work as leaders of an extended team;
  • we provide real practical solutions for our clients.

Additionally, our full service firm and our approach methods make us an excellent choice for legal representation.

Full service firm:

Di Martino Law Group serves its domestic and international clientele by availing them of all possible opportunities and benefits offered by building a business in the United States. By analyzing each client’s particular needs, we are able to provide unified, holistic, and personalized legal and business solutions. Our firm specializes in providing the full range of legal services for our international clients, allowing them to establish both professional and personal lives.  We are experienced in dealing with corporate issues — including business and employment agreements, real estate property acquisitions, business litigation, and immigration concerns. As a full service firm, we are committed to bringing our knowledge and expertise to domestic and international clients alike, providing advice and legal counsel for all of their needs.

Our approach methods:

  • Personalized consultations with our lawyers;
  • Extensive legal research and analysis;
  • Team work for each case handled;
  • Customized fee arrangements.