International Entrepreneurs

As the economic reality that immigrants have often been the most prolific entrepreneurs, The Immigration Service has revived a proposed rule granting non-immigrants a two year visa to grow their startups.

Although this rule is still in the approval process, the following are significant points;

1. Persons who have a significant ownership of at least 15% in the startup and have an active and central role in the startups operation;
2. The startup was formed in the United States in the last three years;
3. Evidence must be provided that the startup has the potential for rapid business growth and job creation, which can be proven by the following:
A. An investment of at least $345,000 from qualified US investors
B. Grants or awards of at least $100.00 from US based governmental entities
C. Additional reliable and compelling evidence that the startup has the potential for rapid growth and creation of jobs.

Should the start-up continue providing significant public benefit, the visa can be extended for up to another three years.

This program is made for business persons who have begun their projects in the United States and wish to continue growing their projects, and is perfect for technology, software and green technology innovators from the world. This program will ease the entry to the United States to this entrepreneurial potential.

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